A proper diet is an eating plan that provides guidelines for when you eat, what you eat, and how you eat to promote a better health. My plan will prevent and eliminate illness, and maintain better well-being.

"Better Health Now. Today" will provide very detailed oriented step-by step foods, supplements, and shakes that will promote healthy digestion, eliminate bloating, help with sleep, and promote healthy youthful skin. 

"Better Health Now. Today" has been my gift to the world for living your best self.


With my one-on-one coaching you will gain the knowledge and tools to provides lasting changes. You will have a go to person to help you regain your life with a healthy new you.

90 DAY Transformation

Two 50-minute sessions a month for 3 months. This Will get you on the right tract to start promoting health transformation on a cellular level. Plus, the foods you need to avoid completely.

180 DAY Maintain Package

Two 50-minute sessions a month for 6 months. This includes the first 90 Transformation package, plus, and additional 90 day where detoxing [safely] is done, incorporating foods to promote digestion, sleep, energy, and overall health. This is where we work together to help you maintain the discipline to be your own advocate for positive change.


  • Bi-weekly one-on-one sessions

  • Weekly check-ins by phone, Skype, or email

  • Help you with grocery shopping ideas for better health

  • Give you tools to sleep better at night and wake up refresh

  • Provide accountability and encouragement with proven results

  • Help you with supplement that have been proven to benefit on a cellular level

  • Teach you healthy pre-fasting methods that will help you nutrify your body before fasting

  • A complete balance between Primary and Secondary foods.

Time spent caring for yourself is valuable, it feels good to feel good.

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