essential nutrients

A nutrient is deemed essential if the body needs it but cannot make it. Essential Nutrients has to be taken into the body everyday to help the body stay healthy. That is why we eat food, for calories, fats, protein, energy, and overall nutrients.

Not all nutrients are present in the food, so we need to supplement PROPERLY!

The food we are eating today is not real food, it is processed Frankenfoods, little to no nutritional value and the leading cause of childhood obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic bone and joint pains, asthma, and heart disease.


Our bodies NEED nutrients, just like a car needs gasoline. Reach out to me and I will show you how to get your body back on track and alleviate so many body aches and pains in 90 days. 

All chronic diseases are related to nutrient deficiency

Nutrient deficiencies or diseases can be the result of poor nutritional intake, chronic health conditions, acute health conditions, medications, altered nutrient metabolism, or a combination of these factors, and can impact the levels of both macronutrients and micronutrients in the body.

Health is the greatest wealth!

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